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Ghost EP

EP, Barbaric Recordings
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Liveset @ JSPR & Friends, ADE

50:HERTZ Techno Cafe Rembrandt Square (Bar Lunar), Amsterdam
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One week to go to get these puppies out of my studio to play my live set @ @jspr_music & friends in Amsterdam during ADE on Sunday. Can't wait to play all my new music I've been working on in the last months. Check my bio for my website with all the details
Had a blast doing a set for Dockyards weekly 'unpaved' Facebook livestream. Played tracks i really digged at the moment plus five of my own unreleased and to be released tracks. Two of the tracks are from my EP 'Ghost' which will be out on @barbaric.recordings November 1st
Currently in Crete with my brother to visit my mom for a week who moved to Crete ten years ago. My brother lives in New Zealand so it doesn't happen much that where all at the same location. Great to finally spent time with my mom and brother again and a fantastic place to work on my live set and new music. The weather is great, the view is amazing and it's so quiet here. ?? #crete #sun #fantasticview #dj #djlife #producer #producerlife #techno #melodictechno
My track Aeronaut ?‍? is out tomorrow on @pursuitrecordings and premiered just now on SoundCloud! ?? Check my website (link in bio) for the URL. #techno #melodictechno #technolovers #newmusic #dj #djlife #producer #producerlife #new #music #soundcloud


  • BAR003


    EP, Barbaric Recordings

    This EP is set in stone. Banging tracks that will guaranteed make dance floors move. Released on JSPR's newly founded imprint Barbaric Recordings.


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  • PRST021


    Compilation, Pursuit Recordings

    With the sunrays heating up and the dark clubs making way for that annual slew of mesmerizing festivals, Pursuit brings again the newest installment of Wild Cards.


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  • GTR002


    Single, Ground Truth Records

    Ground Truth Records continues with Globurst for yet another pounding track. This time he leaves his spacey melodies on his home planet and traded those for some heavy hitting sounds and massive buildups.


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  • GTR001


    EP, Ground Truth Records

    Ground Truth Records kicks off with Globurst's melodic Techno banger 'Interference' and is complimented by 'Memento', another hard-hitting and melodic track.


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  • Liveset @ JSPR & Friends, ADE

    20th of October 2019, 50:HERTZ Techno Cafe Rembrandt Square (Bar Lunar), Amsterdam

    I've made my debut as a live act at ADE. Playing a live set was something I've always wanted to do. It's so cool you can turn knobs and touch buttons and completely change what your playing and adapt your music on the fly to what the crowd wants.

    JSPR knew i really wanted to setup a live set, so when he invited me to do just that, I of course took the opportunity with both hands. I've spent three months preparing for this show and many more shows to come. I've played mostly unreleased tracks and most of the tracks where even made specifically for my live set. I started with a few melodic tracks but did progress quickly to some harder hitting Techno.

    It was such a fun thing to do and to be able to play alongside great DJ's like JSPR, Justin Timmers, Man With No Shadow, Second Mind, NEUSS, Maharti and Valentinø.

  • Dockyard Livestream Set

    Had a blast doing a set for Dockyard's weekly 'unpaved' Facebook livestream. Played tracks i really digged at that moment plus five of my own unreleased and to be released tracks.

    Two of the tracks are from my EP 'Ghost' which will be out on Barbaric November 1st.

  • Tomorrowland Sound Of Tomorrow

    Boom, Belgium

    I've had the honour to play at the Pepsi Sound Of Tomorrow Stage at Tomorrowland. Pepsi and Tomorrowland offered new talent a 15 minute slot on their Pepsi stage to show off their skills. My friends joined me (in Globurst gear) while i grabbed the opportunity with both hands and played a short set.

    Checkout a short compilation of my set below:


Creativity is one, but dedication got Globurst to where he is today. He spent more than 15 years dedicating his free time to produce and DJ. His music vault grew steadily with new ideas and tracks each time he got in the studio. Nevertheless not a single one of these creations ever saw the light of day. That all changed in 2017 when techno started to dominate his productions. A spark ignited for Globurst at one of the biggest festivals of that year.

The feeling of completely living the moment and not to worry about anything else intrigued him like never before. Being with friends and feeling out of this world when that one track plays. It creates memories binding the music with emotions one will never forget.

“It’s amazing that music has the ability to create such strong associations. That you can relive moments by putting that one track on and get sucked back to that point in time.”

Globurst is now on a mission to help create those unique moments and lifelong memories by producing techno which will do exactly do that: blast you into the moment, building you up to a high and drop you right back on your feet. Globurst delivers energetic techno with mix of melodic and hypnotizing patterns and continues to experiment and explore boundaries.

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